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Back home

I've been back from Australia and in the workshop for almost four weeks now - and slowly everything gets back to normal.

AustraliaThe CARA tour was a memorable and marvellous experience - I'm glad and thankful that I could be part of it. Australia surely will see me again...

For this summer, I'm planning to release an updated version of my Eb flute that has been available for some time now. Additionally, I'm working on a big Bb flute, a project I started a few years back ... stay tuned!


One week to go before my departure for a month of touring Australia with the band Cara. The workshop will be closed during that time of course, but I will be able to read and send emails. And I‘m pretty sure that I will post a few photos here...

Turbulent times...

It is time for a workshop update!

Most importantly, I've relocated to a new home in the westphalian countryside (the workshop stays at the old address), and it's always more work than you expect it to be! Luckily, most of the work is done and we're settling in rapidly - a process that is easy by the lovely surroundings we have here. So calm and quiet...

There have been a few problems along the way, as some of my deep drilling tools stopped working due to their age. The new tools took a bit longer to deliver than expected, but after eight weeks I'm expecting them in the mail very soon. I'm confident to be able to fulfill all delayed orders within december 2017, and will be in touch will all affected customers individually. New orders are not affected by these delays anyway.

Furthermore, a new manually controlled milling machine found its way into my workshop. CNC machines are fine and handy, but sometimes, you need manual control of things - and I'm happy to now have both options at hands in my workshop!

For 2018, I am planning to publish a few videos showing how I work, and on specific things related to flutemaking. I'm happy to receive requests on what to include in the videos - just send me an email.

For now I'd like to wish all my customers and visitors of my webseite a calm, pleasant and happy christmas, and a happy new year!

En route to Ireland

I will start my journey to Ireland tomorrow morning - by car. Will be a whole new experience! I will attend the festivals / summer schools in Tubbercurry and Drumshanbo, and will have some flutes with me of course. Just give me a shout if you want to try one.

The exact dates are as follows:

July 10th to 15th: Tubbercurry, Co. Sligo
July 15th to 17th: Magherafelt, Northern Ireland
July 17th to 21st: Drumshanbo, Co. Leitrim

See you there!

two flutes


It has been way too long since the last update. But I am going to change that - from now on, I will publish news regarding my flutes and interesting insights into everyday workshop life on a regular base.

Integrating a CNC mill into my workflow was a good decision, the machine helps me a lot keeping things that matter acoustically within very small tolerances, like tone holes for example. Furthermore it makes the fabrication of storage boards for specialised tools and little workshop helpers much easier, and making ten of them ist just as much work as making one - the joys of computer controlled machinery! The inlays of my wooden flute cases are CNC-machined as well, ensuring a snug fit. But this isn't the end - every day I'm exploring new uses for the machine.

CrownsAfter making 121 flutes, I still haven't stopped trying new things. Since I started I always liked to play with the design of the headjoint crown. In the beginning I used concentric lines turned into the crown face, later I tried various shapes, from traditional resembling Rudall & Rose flutes to futuristic patterns. For the last 30 flutes or so I finally found my own style that I also like to see as my signature now, and which repeats at the foot joint of the flute. The good thing about it is that it looks nice form the start, but you can customise it a lot, and this is how the crowns on the right came into life.

I am offering this design consisting of silver, two different timbers and optional paua shell discs now as an option. But still, all sorts of combinations are possible and I'm happy to try your design!

This is it for now - but a lot more things have happened here in the last two years and I'll report on those later. Just check back regularly!

Some news from the shop

I just put flutes #80 + #81 in the mail. Kind of surreal ... I only started doing this a bit more than five years ago - and now there are more than 80 of my flutes around worldwide, each of them having the potential to be on the planet much longer than I ever will. Feels good. :)

I will finish one more flute today, bearing the number 82. Then the workshop will close for two weeks, as I'm having a week off in Ireland (anyone coming to Tubbercurry?), and a CNC milling machine will move into the shop, making a lot of things possible and others much easier. Plus, those things are so damn cool!
I decided to offer olive wood as a regular timber option for my flutes. I found a good a reliable supplier in Hamburg, who offers very well seasoned wood at reasonable prices.

I'm also now offering budget flutes in all kinds of wood - you're free to decide what you want for your budget flute.

The jubilee flute no. 50 is going to be finished soon, too - a one-off instrument made from Bocote, a very decorative and light brazilian timber. I know that no. 50 is 31 flutes behind my current serial no., but the flute parts sat in the cupboard to season for a long time, and now I feel that they're ready. I will post photos very soon. The flute is still available, to be finished in late July/early August. Contact me for details.

Welcome to my new website!

After three years time has come for a new and tidy look for my website. You still find all information about my flutes, myself, bands, CDs and dates.

From now on I'll regularly put up new content, photos and news from the workshop.

Thanks for your visit, and have fun browsing this site!

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