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Flute Cases

My flutes come without a case by default, since many customers already have cases of various sorts for the flute they're ordering. The following cases are available for purchase either with a flute or on their own. Please click the photos to enlarge them.

Flute Pouch / Soft Case

A simple hand-sewn pouch for keyless flutes, allowing them to be carried in a bag or rucksack. Made from linen and padded with fleece. Washable at 30°C.

Flute pouch closed Flute pouch open

Hard Case

This hard case offers enough protection for keyless and keyed flutes, great for taking your flute outdoor or to a gig. Made from solid plywood with aluminum shell, interior padded with foam. A shoulder strap is included (not shown on the photo).

Hard Case closed Hard Case open

Wooden Flute Box

A classy solid wooden flute case traditionally made from german oak with dovetail joints, waxed finish. Interior is CNC-machined from EPS foam and padded with antique green velvet.

Wooden Flute Case closed Wooden Flute Case open
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