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I started playing irish music on the tin whistle in 2004 and on the flute in 2005, after I made my first flute at pipemaker Andreas Rogge's workshop. In late 2008 my band NUA was founded and we got quite successful on the german scene very soon. In 2010 we recorded our debut CD which was critically acclaimed both in Germany and Ireland. Also in 2010, I joined TRASNÚ and until the beginning of 2016 we played more than 100 concerts. In late 2011 my band COSÁN was founded and we released our debut CD in the end of 2013.

I taught my first workshop in late 2010 and have been a sought after teacher for wooden flute and tin whistle from then on.

In 2009 I started teaching myself how to make flutes, with great help from Andreas Rogge, Davy Stephenson (both pipemakers) and Jon Cornia. In April 2010 I started accepting orders. Until late 2018 I have made more than 150 flutes.

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