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The Workshop

I started making wooden flutes professionally in 2008. Originally, my goal was to get to know my instrument better, from a technical point of view, and in the six years of making flutes I already was able to find a few improvements, especially on the inner bore, which I incorporated into my flute making. My aim is to make an instrument that is easy to play over the entire range up into the third register (octave), and that offers a warm and big tone with bell-like high notes, with wide dynamic possibilities and a great versatility, but without challenging the player too much - since music making should be fun and not hard work. I build all my instrument to these qualities.


All my flutes are made the traditional way - by hand, without computer-controlled machines. I'm using a rather modern metal lathe, a woodturning lathe and a modern mill. The embochure is cut entirely by hand, as the tone holes are. Since the outer shape of the instrument is formed by hand with traditional woodturning techniques, every flute looks a bit different than the others, despite featuring the same acoustic dimensions. Due to the combination of traditional crafts and modern machinery, I'm able to work very closely with customers regarding the appearance of their instrument.

The silver rings are also made entirely by hand from sterling silver. This is quite demanding, but the sheen of hand-forged highly polished silver compensates for the additional work required...

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