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I'm currently making two different flute models that can be tuned in "D" or "Eb", the first being the most common tuning for west-european folk music like irish traditional, breton and galician/asturian music. Both models derive from the same antique original (a flute made by Rudall & Rose, London, with big tone holes and medium bore) with a few tweaks for modern tuning, and the only difference is the outer appearance. The Eb flute is a shortened version of the D model that has been modified for tuning and response, and can also be made in the "budget" or "traditional" variant.

The Traditional Model

Traditional model made from african blackwood. Traditional model made from olive wood.

The traditional model is made to resemble the looks of antique originals. It features rings made from sterling silver and a tuning slide made from brass (inner tube) and german silver (sleeve). I can use almost all kinds of hardwoods for this model, in addition to the standard timbers (see Materials) other timbers can be availbale - just ask. The outer shape is also very customisable. I'll be happy to help you design your very own flute.

Budget Model

Budget-Modell made from Mopane. Budget model with brass rings made from blackwood with optional headjoint crown fitted.

The budget model was born when a local secondary school asked me for supplying two wooden flutes for an "irish folk course" to be offered for the school's children. They wanted good handmade instruments, but also were on a budget - so I designed a really affordable but still high quality wooden flute. Instead of the traditional tuning slide with inner and outer tube, the budget model has a simple brass tuning slide that still does the job. I also don't make silver rings for the budget flute, instead of them the sections prone to cracking are made with slight flares to improve stability. The budget model does not have a headjoint crown by default, however one can be ordered separately.

I also offer a budget model with three brass rings at the spots that are most prone to cracking.

"What model should I buy?"

If you're on a budget, get the budget model. If not, the rings of the traditional model offer more security. The "integral rings" I make for the budget model are quite stable, but not as much as the metal rings provided on the traditional model.

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