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Prices and Ordering

To order a flute, just send me an email! All prices are in Euro and contain 19% german VAT. For orders outside the EU, divide prices by 1.19. Price list is valid from January 1st 2017.

The waiting time is currently about three to five months, depending on model and timber choice. When I accept an order, I charge a deposit of 100 Euro incl. 19% VAT. The balance is due after completion of the instrument and before I send it off.

Flute in D or Eb, after Rudall & Rose, London

Budget Model
brass tuning slide, "integrated rings"
olive wood, mopane 590 €
african blackwood 610 €
Intermediate Budget Model
brass tuning slide, three brass rings
olive wood, mopane 690 €
african blackwood 710 €
Traditional Model
Tuning slide made from german silver, seven sterling silver rings
olive wood, mopane 850 €
african blackwood 870 €

Options and Accessories

screw cork mechanism
with indicator pin made from brass or nickel silver and individual end cap design, for retro-fitting or instead of a simple headjoint cork
60 € (traditional model)
80 € (budget models)
artistically design crown 75 € (traditional model)
95 € (budget models)
Standard crown for budget models 20 €
Flute pouch/soft case
hand-sewn from linen, padded with fleece
30 €
Hard case
Aluminum carrying case, interior padded with soft foam
60 €
Wooden case
German oak wood, waxed, interior padded with velvet
120 €

Head joints for flutes from other makers

Headjoint without barrel
with sterling silver rings
fitting for existing flutes can be difficult, please enquire
330 €
Headjoint with barrel
nickel silver tuning slide and sterling silver rings, fitted to your flute
430 €
Screw cork mechanism plus 60 €
African Blackwood plus 20 €

Available instruments

The following instruments are available from stock right now:


Shipping and insurance is included within Germany. For sending orders outside of Germany, shipping and insurance are charged at cost. Please enquire for a quote.

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